Bonjour le Monde

Bonjour le Monde
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Bonjour le Monde

Luckily, I decided to share some words, proverbs and useful grammars in French. I will share posts weekly and you can leave your comment and share your ideas as well.

Why I’m sharing French words, proverbs and grammars in my blog?

Learning new languages is amazing and I’m one of those who are interested in languages. French is my favorite language and therefore I try my best to share new things I learn.

Why did I choose French?

I chose French as my third language because it is one of the most useful languages and according to Wikipedia, there are now 300 million people on five continents who speak French. Furthermore, although it’s not an easy language but I love it and I feel good when I speak French!

Do I recommend you to learn French?

In short, yes. Believe me you will comment: “Hey iMan. Your idea about learning French was awesome!” after you pass some few steps of learning French.

What is my plan for sharing new posts?

I will share French posts weekly and each post contains 5 useful words with their meaning in English, 1 grammar and examples,1 proverb and examples.

Can you help me in sharing new posts?

Absolutely yes. You can email me your idea and I will share it ASAP. If you’re so active and you want to help me in sharing new weekly posts, contact me and you will become my blog writer!

Have fun and wait for next post!

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The name’s Alireza. I'm a freelance web developer with satisfied clients worldwide. I have been designing websites professionally for over three years. I would describe myself as a spiritual fast learning generalist with a passion for learning new languages. That's me in some few words!

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Jason6 Months ago

Bonjour Alireza votre site web est incroyable. le theme et les couleurs sont belles aussi <3

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